Terpenes: What Are They And How They Work?

Terpenes are the chemical compounds that give plants their aroma, flavor, and color. To date, more than 50,000 types of terpenes have been discovered. In the cannabis plant alone, there are more than 250 different terpenes.

Terpenes give the different Cannabis plants their distinct smell and taste. Not only are they used for the scent and aroma of Cannabis, but they are also bought for their mood-altering and therapeutic effects.

How Are Terpenes Produced?

Terpenes are essentially a defense mechanism of plants against herbivores, insects, and other dangers. They are also responsible for a plant’s oxygenation and growth. Therefore, it seems logical that terpenes possess anti-viral qualities.

Humans who consume terpenes, as well as the plants which produce them, have shown better immunity. This is because terpenes are essentially a protective mechanism in plants that safeguards them from viruses, bacteria, and other outside threats.

Effects Of Terpenes On The Body

Humans have been using terpenes historically for aromatherapy and their relaxing effects. For example, lavender oil is now for its soothing effect. That is because lavender oil contains linalool which can help relax you. The terpenes combined with the cannabis molecules can boost the relaxing effect.

There are also other benefits of terpenes as they have been used for research to develop cannabis medicines. However, the focus on terpenes has been chiefly on their therapeutic qualities until recently.

Medicinal Uses Of Terpenes

Several medicinal uses of terpenes have been discovered. However, the terpenes research is still in the early stages and needs much work in the future.


Herbal medicines make up twenty-five percent of all antidepressant drugs. Linalool and Beta-pinene are extremely common for this purpose. Terpenes are a standard stress-relief method, and many terpenes with these benefits can be bought online.


DNA binding of anticancer drug

There have been findings around cannabis terpenes showing anticancer activity. Limonene, in particular, has emerged as an anticancer and antitumor agent. The good thing about terpenes is that they are unlikely to affect or cause harm to healthy cells – which is crucial when treating cancer cells.

Pain Relief

Some cannabis terpenes have shown pain-relieving effects. Researchers have found pain-relieving results without any adverse side effects from using several terpenes.

In particular, Humulene, linalool, and B-pinene have demonstrated remarkable pain-relieving ability.

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