Benefits Of Adding Terpenes To Cannabis Products

The scent of cannabis comes from the terpenes in it. In fact, terpenes are present in all plants. They are what give each plant its distinct smell and taste.

When you get that sweet whiff of oranges or that clean smell of pine, it is actually coming from the terpenes in that particular plant.

Terpenes are used everywhere. They are used in aromatherapy, as the strong smell of essential oils comes from the terpenes. It can help boost your energy level or can make you take a nap.

There are many benefits associated with adding them to your Cannabis products.

Better Taste

The primary reason why cannabis users buy terpenes is obviously the taste. Cannabis strains can taste very harsh to some consumers, and thus, they can add some delicious terpenes to make them taste and smell better.

Picture of a glass of lemonade and lemonsYou can give cannabis the flavor you like by adding terpenes to it. For example, if you like the taste of lemons, then you can add the terpene of that flavor to your strain.

Entourage Effect

Each terpene has a different effect. Caryophyllene directly connects with the CB2 receptors. On the other hand, limonene helps the body absorb other terpenes better.

Terpenes can even repress the effects of some cannabis products. In contrast, some terpenes can complement other cannabis products too.

Restore Dry Cannabis

Terpenes can revitalize dry cannabis that may be leftover by the user. Usually, after drying, cannabis can lose all of its aromas. However, the use of terpene can revive it and can make it useable all over again.

It is challenging to get the original potency of a cannabis product by giving it a second life, but moisturizing it through terpenes can give it a better taste and smell. If nothing else, it can help smoothen the taste and make it a bit less harsh.

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