Terpenes 101

So what are terpenes?

Terpenes are the flavor, taste and smell molecules present in everything we eat, drink and ehh…. smoke. They don’t just smell and taste good, they also play vital roles in the feelings we get from the things we “consume”.

The difference you feel from a strain of “Sour Diesel” compared to “Purple Kush” is mostly due to the “entourage effect” that our terpene strain profiles bring to your particular blends strains. Certain terpenes for cannabis give an uplifting energetic go-all-day type of feeling, and can keep us awake and alert.

Other types of terpenes can be relaxing and sleep inducing, something great for after the gym or before bedtime. There’s even evidence that suggests terpenes are effective anti-cancer agents and can protect our cells from DNA damage.  Most of this has not been verified by the FDA. Don’t go dumping your doctor just yet, most of this has not been verified by the FDA. Nevertheless, as the cannabis revolution continues, the day-to-day evidence is piling up in the terpenes favor. Some Pharmaceutical companies are even starting full scale drug trials testing the effectiveness of these compounds for certain illnesses.

If you want to buy the best tasting terpenes in California, Colorado, or Michigan, look no further than Gold Coast Terpenes. We ship natural terps for cannabis and offer free delivery over orders worth $100!

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Why We’re here?

When certain types of botanical extracts are made, these terpenes can be lost in the process.  We’re here to bring you the most precisely blended, close-to-nature strain profiles and isolates – sourced from the finest companies around the world.  These profiles can add to the taste, smell and feeling your extract brings to yourself and your customers.  We have gone through the painstaking process of precisely analyzing, purifying and blending botanically sourced terpenes from around the world, so you don’t have to!  You focus on your concentrate, we’ll bring you the flavor!

Can I consume Terpenes alone?

Consuming terpenes can bring some of the beneficial effects of consuming marijuana, without the high and foggy headed-ness. Our products are SUPER CONCENTRATED so we must insist that you DO NOT CONSUME UNDILUTED!  We suggest to have your local vape shop blend Gold Coast Terpenes into your vape pen.

You can even add a DROP or TWO to a drink for a new twist on your favorite cocktail!

Just so we’re clear…

Our terpenes are 100% terpenes, no cuts, no glycerin, no glycols, no nonsense.  Sourcing from Non-Cannabis natural materials our terpenes are 100%  free from THC, CBD or other cannabinoids. Rest assured, these strain profiles match exactly those found in nature (the terpene just comes from a different source) and are precisely blended to match what you’d find at your local dispensary.

We Hope You Enjoy!!