Mixing Terpenes Calculator


Heat your concentrate until it flows freely (approx. 80C), pour terpene slowly while mixing solution ( see Mixing Terpenes Calculator for amounts.  Cap shortly after in order to avoid unnecessary evaporation.

We recommend mixing 5-15% terpenes in your concentrate, of course adjust to your taste.

Example Calculation:  for 10% terpene in oil
Grams of Concentrate X 0.10 = Grams of Terpene

1000g oil X 0.15 = 150g Terpenes 15% Concentration
1000g oil X 0.10 = 100g Terpenes 10% Concentration
1000g oil X 0.07 = 70g Terpenes 7% Concentration

ALWAYS test a small amount before mixing full batches, check for viscosity and flow when solution is cool and wait 24 hours.  Both concentrates and terpenes are natural products and therefore subject to variation. We specifically formulate and test our products to give you a crystal clear product, but due to natural variation we cannot make any guarantees.  We strive to bring you the greatest product and want to be open and upfront to make sure you have a satisfying and profitable experience.

Gold coast terpenes are a concentrated product and are meant to be consumed Diluted. Learn more about terpenes on our Terpenes 101 section

Mixing Terpenes Calculator:

Mixing Terpenes Calculator