Fresh, Lime, Mint
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Precisely blended botanicals by our Master Terpologists to “Elevate” levels of certain rare and exotic terpenes to bring you our very own Mojito‘s. 

Capture the essence of lounging around a breezy, all-inclusive Island resort, sipping the classic Cuban cocktail with your Elvis Costello shades on. GC brings you the distinctive tastes of white rum, lime juice, sparkling water, and muddled mint combined in a terpene bottle to get in the mood for summertime and all the memorable exploits.


Limonene, Hexyl Acetate, Lime Terpene, Melon, L-Linalool, b-Caryophyllene, a-Humulene, Ethyl Propionate, Ethyl Butyrate, Nerolidol

Please note all Strains are highly concentrated and need to be properly diluted before use.

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